In which religion did the Golden Rule originate?

Answer While many religions throughout the world have some version of "The Golden Rule" as it is known in Christianity, it appears that the earliest version was recorded in the Tale of the Eloquent Peasan... Read More »

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What is the difference between the silver rule and the golden rule?

Both the silver and the golden rules were written to serve as basic moral principles. Both are said to have Judeo-Christian roots, however, similar messages permeate many cultures and no one philos... Read More »

What is the golden rule of netiquette?

The golden rule of netiquette mandates that when you display information online, care should be taken to ensure that you would appreciate it if the words, symbols and ideas that you employ were sen... Read More »

What is the Golden Rule of Christianity?

Some call it the ethic of reciprocity; others call it the Golden Rule. In the Bible Jesus taught this rule to his disciples, and it became a cornerstone of Christianity and a pillar for human relat... Read More »

How to Live the Golden Rule?

Living The Golden Rule is something that is missing in the world today. If we all lived by this simple precept many of life's decisions would already be made for us.