In which part of the earth's atmosphere does weather occur?

Answer Weather occurs in the troposphere, the lowest of the atmosphere's five layers, according to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). The troposphere extends 4 to 12 miles up from... Read More »

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In which part of the earth's atmosphere do auroras occur?

Both the aurora borealis and aurora australis occur in the ionosphere. Auroras occur when charged particles in the solar wind collide with electrons of atmospheric atoms and molecules at very high ... Read More »

In what layer of the Earth's atmosphere does most of our weather occur?

Most of our weather occurs in the troposphere, which is the lowest layer of the atmosphere. The troposhere is 6 to 12 miles thick, and comprises most of Earth's atmospheric gases. It is usually thi... Read More »

Which layer of the atmosphere is closest to the surface of the Earth where weather occurs?

Almost all weather happens within the troposphere. Located nearest the Earth's surface, the troposphere reaches four to 12 miles above sea level. The ground and ocean provide heat for this layer of... Read More »

Where does part of the water come from in earth's atmosphere?

Water is naturally recycled on our planet through a process we refer to as the “water cycle,” or “hydrologic cycle.” The cycle consists of nine phases. Approximately 90 percent of the water... Read More »