In which part of the earth's atmosphere does weather occur?

Answer Weather occurs in the troposphere, the lowest of the atmosphere's five layers, according to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). The troposphere extends 4 to 12 miles up from... Read More »

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In what layer of the Earth's atmosphere does most of our weather occur?

Most of our weather occurs in the troposphere, which is the lowest layer of the atmosphere. The troposhere is 6 to 12 miles thick, and comprises most of Earth's atmospheric gases. It is usually thi... Read More »

In which part of the earth's atmosphere do auroras occur?

Both the aurora borealis and aurora australis occur in the ionosphere. Auroras occur when charged particles in the solar wind collide with electrons of atmospheric atoms and molecules at very high ... Read More »

In what layer of the atmosphere do weather balloons fly?

Weather balloons fly as high as the stratosphere. The stratosphere begins approximately five to ten miles from the Earth's surface and extends to 31 miles up. Weather balloons are made from latex o... Read More »

Is the sky a part of the Earth's atmosphere?

The Earth's atmosphere is comprised of gases that surround the planet. These gases extend all the way from the ground to space, and the blue sky and clouds that we can see from the Earth's surface ... Read More »