In which directions do muslims pray?

Answer Five times daily, devout Muslims kneel on prayer rugs and say their prayers while facing in the direction of the most holy city of Islam, Mecca. Located in Saudi Arabia, Mecca is considered by Musl... Read More »

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Why do Muslims wash their bum with water after using the toilet and non-muslims use toilet paper?

peace be upon youwhat is your opinion , what is better , cleaner , healthier?Islam want peole clean and healthy.

Dear Muslims & Globe-Do you know -Your- Diabetes is treated with INSULIN -which is processed from PIGs blood?

You are wrong. Insulin today is DNA recombinant insulin which means it was made from a petrie dish to be exactly the same (minus an amino acid link or two) as human insulin's DNA.http://www.littlet... Read More »

Please pray for my father. He had a heart attack and is going in for surgery now. I will pray for your peace?

Your father, you and your family will be in my prayers as you go through this stressful time. May God grant you peace in knowing He is in control and comfort you with His presence.My mother was ve... Read More »

Would the secret service protect a president if he commits treason by enacting the patriot act which allowed Muslims to steal intellectual property?

Yes for six months after leaving office and the President would get 10 years clinton is the last to get prtection for life.