In which direction should windows be faced in a home to conserve energy?

Answer In new construction, it is a good idea to have windows that face south and west. These windows will get more sunlight, which will allow your home to absorb more heat energy during the winter months... Read More »

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I want to get double pane, energy efficient windows for my home. How important is Argon gas a factor?

I think its great that you are upgrading your windows! Argon gas will leak out over the course of 5 years or so. I think the window companys use argon to help them achieve betterenergy ratings when... Read More »

Windows 7 rating problem faced?

I would think 7.2 would be false any hows with only a core 2 quad. I run a i7 990x (6 cores) @4,5GHz and only get seems about right for that CPU as if remember correctly my old core 2 quad ... Read More »

How to Predict the Direction of a Reaction in Terms of the Change in Free Energy?

Gibbs free energy is a measurement of the maximum amount of work or energy that can theoretically be extracted from a system. The change in free energy is the work done by a chemical reaction or th... Read More »

Which side of the basement ceiling insulation goes up--faced or non-faced?

Faced insulation should be placed with the facing toward the heated part of the home. Exposed (unfaced) insulation should be covered with an interior panel or finish if the area is going to be occu... Read More »