In which direction does a northeastern wind blow?

Answer Winds are named for the direction from which they come, not the direction they are going. Therefore, a northeastern wind comes from the northeast and blows southwest, provided that it does not chan... Read More »

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Which direction does the wind blow most?

On One Hand: It varies widelyThe direction the wind blows most frequently differs depending on location. Wind direction is determined by topography, nearby bodies of water, air pressure, elevation ... Read More »

What direction does the wind blow during a summer monsoon?

During a summer monsoon, winds blow in a south or southeasterly direction. The word "monsoon" comes from the Arabic word "mausim," which means season or wind shift. The seasonal reversal of wind di... Read More »

Which direction should a ceiling fan blow for cold air?

A ceiling fan does not blow cold air, nor does it actually lower a room's temperature. However, a ceiling fan makes you feel cooler because it creates a wind-chill effect that accelerates the evapo... Read More »

Which instrument is used to measure wind direction?

A wind vane is the instrument used to measure wind direction. Wind vanes are also referred to as weather vanes because some wind directions indicate specific weather conditions. Wind vanes may be ... Read More »