In which country was lung cancer first discovered?

Answer Hanspeter Witschi of University of California, Davis, writes in his paper, "A Short History of Lung Cancer," the first known reports of lung cancer were found around 1500 in underground miners in ... Read More »

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When was lung cancer first discovered?

Cancer is an ancient disease, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly when certain types were discovered. Egyptian scrolls dating back to 1,600 B.C. describe a condition believed to be breast cance... Read More »

What scientist discovered lung cancer?

Cancer is an ancient disease, and no one person can be said to have discovered it. Egyptian papyrus from 1600 B.C.E. describes cancer. In 1964 U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Luther Terry issued a ground-... Read More »

Who was the scientist that discovered lung cancer?

British scientist Sir Richard Doll discovered the link between smoking and lung cancer. Doll published a study in 1950 that stated that "smoking was a major cause of lung cancer." Doll was knighted... Read More »

My boyfriend has cancer in his left lung and half of his right lung. He's only 21 can I give him one of mine?

: Try Dr. Richard Schulze's incurable program...he had an underground clinic 20 yof 20 years of reading and study and research and that which probably ears and healed many of the worse kinds of inc... Read More »