In which country does the Wormwood plant Artemisia afra grow?

Answer This plant occurs throughout the countries of Africa. It can be found right from Ethiopia down to South Africa. Horticulturally, it would grow anywhere else that has a climate similar to these areas.

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Is there a patent on the artemisia plant?

Artemisia is a diverse genus of herbs with over 400 species. There is no overall patent on artemisia plants, however, certain cultivars, such as "Golden Phoenix" and "Oriental Limelight," have pate... Read More »

What is a wormwood plant?

Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) produces a fragrant scent and was used historically in the production of absinthe. Although this woody-stemmed perennial produces small yellow flowers in late summer... Read More »

What drink is named for the wormwood plant?

The Wormwood plant (Artemisia absinthium) contributes the main ingredient for the alcoholic drink known as absinthe. Because Absinth affects the nervous system, the amount used in the drink is tigh... Read More »

Why does portulacaria afra drops its leaves?

It is not happy it either too dry or too wet.