In which country do u prefer to eat as a proper food?

Answer India and Japan

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Do you prefer Chinese food, or Italian food?

Strangely Italian Food is Chinese Food. Some say because of the importance of Venice as an international trading port supplies of silk, tea and spices made their torturous way from China before Mar... Read More »

Name the food which represents ur country/state and also mention ur country's name.?

Hello, I'm from Singapore - a city known for it's many cuisines & abundance of great food. Chicken rice is ever so populay here. It's a dish where the rice is boiled with the chicken stock & the ... Read More »

What do you prefer for breakfast & which country or town are you from?

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,(( ↓↓ YOU MUST TRY THIS ↓↓ ))Recently, I developed a craving for: sunny side-up egg (topped with pepper and salt and parsley) placed on cinnamon French toast (topped wi... Read More »

What Do You Prefer Food?

I would pick Italian because i love pizza and pasta. I hate Japanese because sushi roll-ups are gross and idk how to use chopsticks!!!!!!!!LOL!