In which city would you find the world's largest wine barrel?

Answer The world's largest wine barrel is located at the Heidelberg Castle in Heidelberg, Germany. The barrel, which is located deep inside the castle, holds more than 58,000 gallons of wine, though it ha... Read More »

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In which capital city will you find the largest shopping mall in Canada?

The West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping mall in Canada and one of the largest in the world according to "Forbes Magazine," is located in Edmonton, Alberta. With 3.8 million square feet of indo... Read More »

How much wine is in a barrel?

Although wine barrels come in different sizes, the most common one, referred to as a barrique bordelaise, holds 225 liters (about 60 gallons) of wine. This is equivalent to 25 cases or 300 750-mill... Read More »

Parts of a Wine Barrel?

Wine barrels can be made of American or French Oak. French Oak has been used longer and is considered the most desirable wood for making wine barrels. Most French Oak comes from forests planted in ... Read More »

How many gallons in a barrel of wine?

A barrel is a unit used to measure dry and liquid goods when trading commercially. There are approximately 31 1/2 gallons in a barrel of wine. This is about 126 quarts, or 119 1/4 liters of wine.So... Read More »