In which Chinese dynasty was paper invented?

Answer The Chinese invented the first paper during the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC to 23 AD). This paper, made from pounded hemp, was thick and coarse. Rag paper was invented during the Eastern Han Dynast... Read More »

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When were Chinese paper fans invented?

Chinese paper fans were invented sometime between 1600 and 1100 BC during the Shang Dynasty, according to Most of the early fans were made of tree leaves and bird feathers.Source... Read More »

Who invented Chinese paper money?

The creation of the Chinese currency is attributed not to a person but to the Szechwan province, where it was first used during the S'ung Dynasty in the ninth century. After people began accepting ... Read More »

Who invented ancient Chinese paper money?

According to the Silk Road Foundation, the Tang (618-907 AD) dynasty in China developed the first paper money. Initial currencies appeared about 800 AD. They were called "flying cash" due to their... Read More »

In which dynasty did it become fashionable for Chinese women to bind their feet?

It was during the Sung Dynasty in 1100 AD that women began binding their feet in the name of fashion and beauty. The procedure involved tightly bandaging the feet of little girls to the point of br... Read More »