In what year where the first Christmas stamps issued?

Answer The world's first Christmas stamp was issued in Canada on Dec. 7, 1898. It was a two-cent stamp that showed the Mercator world map. The first Christmas stamp in the U.S. was issued in time for the ... Read More »

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In what year was the first postage stamp to commemorate Christmas issued?

Canada’s 1898 stamp picturing the Mercator map was the first Christmas stamp. After an inquisitive exchange with the Queen regarding the special stamp’s necessity, the Canadian Postmaster Gener... Read More »

How many Franklin Roosevelt stamps were issued?

According to the Collectible Stamps Gallery, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was featured on a dozen postage stamps, as well as with 34 other deceased U.S. presidents on a series of stamps released... Read More »

Your son rear ended a 74 year old both cars totaled Son given verbal warning for driving close 74 year old was issued a citation for driving too slow on a limited access highway who's at fault in CT?

Answer Depending on the state, both may be at fault. Son at fault for following too closely, and other driver at fault for not maintaining speed limit. In the State of Georgia, the speed limit incl... Read More »

In what year was the first credit card issued?

According to, John Biggins issued the first bank debit card, called "Charg-It", in 1946--but customers could only use it at local businesses. Then, in 1951, New York's Franklin Nati... Read More »