In what year was the world's first paper money issued in china?

Answer Paper money was introduced in China in 812 A.D. It was a temporary solution to a minting problem caused by a copper shortage. However, paper money was very popular, and by 970 A.D., it dominated Ch... Read More »

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When was paper money invented in china?

Paper money has been around for more than 1200 years. It first appeared in China in the year 806 CE as military scrip to be used as letters of credit when traveling. A paper money system was also u... Read More »

Who invented paper money in China?

Paper money was made possible after the invention of block printing, also invented in China. The Tang dynasty was the first reported to have utilized printed money about 800 A.D., but the name of t... Read More »

When did China first invent paper money?

Paper money was invented in China at the end of the eighth or beginning of the ninth century A.D. It was used by merchants, who could deposit cash in the capital city and receive a paper certificat... Read More »

How much money does each person spend per year in China?

According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China's 2009 report, annual per capita consumption is 3,661 yuan (approximately U.S. $541) for rural residents and 11,243 yuan (approximately U.S. ... Read More »