In what year was the thermometer invented?

Answer Santorio Santorio is generally credited with applying a numerical scale to an air thermoscope, a device that indicates changes in temperature, at least as early as 1612, creating a thermometer. Gab... Read More »

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What year was the digital thermometer invented?

According to United States Patent 3729998, the inventors of the digital thermometer were Billy Otis Martin, Robert Cherry Martin, Fritz Kurt Mueller and James Parker Chandler, all from Huntsville, ... Read More »

What year was the water thermometer invented?

The first water thermometer was invented in the year 1593 by Galileo Galilei. Galileo experimented and found that, by using liquid that was less dense than water, he could put those liquids into wa... Read More »

When was the thermometer invented?

Galileo Galilei invented the first thermometer in 1593. It used water rather than mercury. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the first mercury thermometer in 1714 and also established the Fahrenh... Read More »

Who invented the water thermometer?

Galileo Galilei is credited with being the inventor of the water thermometer during the 16th Century. In 1593, Galilei took the basic thermoscope and discovered that if he used a liquid lense dense... Read More »