In what year was the hp deskjet introduced?

Answer Hewlett-Packard, known in the marketplace as HP, introduced the Deskjet printer in 1991. The original model, the Deskjet 500C, was the first color printer developed for the consumer market. The Des... Read More »

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What year was the HP Deskjet printer introduced?

The HP Deskjet 500C was the first Deskjet color printer and was introduced by Hewlett Packard in 1991. The Deskjet printer uses one black ink cartridge and one color cartridge. The printer uses the... Read More »

When was the HP DeskJet introduced?

Hewlett Packard, also known as HP, introduced the first DeskJet printer in 1988. It was the company's first inkjet mass-market printer, and it used plain paper. The company introduced the color Des... Read More »

What year was the first IBM PC introduced?

IBM introduced its first personal computer, the IBM PC, in 1981. This was the first computer that was mass produced in any numbers. The public responded to its small size, ease of use and price. Th... Read More »

What year were JBL E90 speakers introduced?

The JBL Northridge E90 speakers were released on September 15, 2003. These floor-standing speakers are designed for use with home theater audio systems. In order to reproduce a wide range of freque... Read More »