In what year was the first school bus manufactured?

Answer The first pupil transportation was actually a horse-drawn wagon, according to It was first used in 1827 for a Quaker school in London. The first motorized school bus was develo... Read More »

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What year was the first school bus made?

The first school bus was the Blue Bird No. 1, built by Albert Luce, Sr., who would go on to found the Blue Bird Corporation after the Great Depression. As of 2008, this bus is on display at the Hen... Read More »

In what year did Oprah open her first school?

What year did the first ballpoint pens go into school?

After 1950, ballpoint pens were available and inexpensive. The parents of the first wave of baby boomers sent their children to school with ballpoint pens. Most of them were manufactured by BIC. It... Read More »

How to Survive the First Year of Middle School?

Don't worry so much - be on time, attentive and studious and you'll be fineEveryone has a fright about middle school. After elementary, you don't get treated like a kid anymore. Harder and differen... Read More »