In what year was the first alcoholic drink consumed?

Answer Alcohol consumption has been around at least since the Neolithic period. Alcohol was most likely discovered by accident and consumed by ancient stone age people for tens of thousands of years. Late... Read More »

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First alcoholic drink?

Try Mikes Hard lemonade or Smirnoff IceThose drinks taste more like sodas and are tasty to drink. If you want more alcohol in them and for a bit of flavor try Mike HARDER lemonade or FourLocoOther ... Read More »

First alcoholic drink - lightweight - reccomendations =]?

All these answers are great, but the secret to safe drinking is not what you're drinking but who you're drinking it with. Be sure that you're with people you can trust to keep an eye on you and loo... Read More »

How old were you when you had your first alcoholic drink?

My parents use to put whiskey on my teeth when they were growing in. And ever since I was a kid I always had alcohol. Not to the point of being drunk. I would take sips of my parents wine during di... Read More »

What is a good alcoholic drink to drink when you want to get proper pissed?

SOJU....that's an Asian drink. Alcohol mixed with formaldehyde.