In what year was the IRS form W-9 originally printed?

Answer The October 3, 1983, article from the "LA Times" announced that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was introducing the W-9 form, designed for individuals to specify and certify the accuracy of the ... Read More »

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In what month&year was irs form w-9 first printed?

According to a "Los Angeles Times" article written Oct 3, 1983, the IRS W-9 form was first printed October 1983. Third parties use the W-9 Tax form to file a return on reportable payments made to o... Read More »

What was the year in which the IRS first printed Form W-9?

The first W-9 form was printed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in October 1983. According to an article written by the Los Angeles Times at the time, this new form was established so many Ame... Read More »

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