In what year was the Canadian flag created?

Answer Canada's House of Commons officially recognized the Canadian flag on December 15, 1964. The flag was first raised on February 15, 1965, at Parliament Hill in Ottawa---almost 100 years after the ini... Read More »

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Where did the Canadian flag come from?

Canada is North American country, and the northern neighbor of the United States. It is a self-governing parliamentary democracy that has kept its ties to the British crown. Queen Elizabeth II is i... Read More »

What does the Canadian flag mean?

The Canadian flag colors of red and white were chosen in 1921 by King George. Red was taken from Saint George's Cross, and white was used from the French royal emblem. The maple leaf was used becau... Read More »

What does the red on the Canadian flag stand for?

Red and white are Canada's official colors, and have been since 1921. During the Crusades, France donned a red cross on its banners, and the Norman Lord Bohemund I is said to have distributed red c... Read More »

Who made the old Canadian flag?

The former Canadian flag, the Canadian Red Ensign, was originally adapted from a British merchant marine flag. An Order of Council changed the Canadian Red Ensign into the official Canadian flag in... Read More »