In what year did a team from the New Zealand rugby football union first tour Australia?

Answer According to, the first representative rugby union team from New Zealand to tour Australia did so in 1884. The New Zealand team went 9-0 against its Australian opponents.References:Rug... Read More »

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What year did a team from the new zealand rugby football union first tour australia?

A non-sanctioned team from New Zealand toured New South Wales, Australia in 1884. However, it was not until 1893 that the first New Zealand national team officially sanctioned by the New Zealand Ru... Read More »

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Is Queensland in Australia or New Zealand?

Queensland is a state in the northeastern coastal region of Australia. The second largest state in the country, Queensland is home to the cities of Brisbane and Cairns, known as the gateway to worl... Read More »

What sea lies between New Zealand& Australia?

The body of water located between Australia and New Zealand is called the Tasman Sea, named after the explorer Abel Tasman. While employed by Dutch East India Trading Company, he explored the entir... Read More »