In what type of climate would soil form fastest from limestone bedrock?

Answer 80F +

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What type of limestone is used in glass?

Quicklime or calcium oxide is the type of limestone used for making glass. It is the product of burning standard limestone between 1000 and 1300 degrees Celsius. The final product is carbon dioxide... Read More »

What Type of Rocks Can Form From the Process of Weathering & Erosion?

Mechanical and chemical weathering combine to attack any rock surface. The debris that builds up is often transported by wind or water erosion to a depositional basin where layer after layer accumu... Read More »

What type of climate does the Bougainvillea live in?

What Type of Climate Is Good for Butterfly Bushes?

The common butterfly bush is more correctly known as Buddlieia davidii or Buddlieja davidii, and it is a perennial flowering shrub valued for its beauty and hardiness. The fragrant flowers are bir... Read More »