In what time period did the setting of flowers for algernon take place?

Answer Flowers for Algernon, written by Daniel Keyes, is the story of a mentally retarded man, Charlie, who triples his intelligence through experimental surgery. Though it was first published in 1959, th... Read More »

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What time period and and setting did the pearl by john Steinbeck take place?

The setting of The Pearl is La Paz, Baja, California on the Gulf of Mexico.The time period is 1930's.

What is the setting, time& place in the novel"Ana's Story"?

Written by Jenna Bush, daughter of former US President George W. Bush, "Ana's Story" is a book about a young girl Jenna met while working with UNICEF. The book details the traumatic events HIV-posi... Read More »

What is the setting, the time, and the place in the novel"Ana's Story"?

According to publisher Harper Collins, the novel "Ana's Story" by Jenna Bush tells the true story of a 17-year-old single mother living with HIV. Published in 2007, the story is set in Latin Americ... Read More »

What time period does a raisin in the sun take place?

During the civil war times... In 1950's Don't you mean Civil Rights Era 1950s