In what states is motorcycle insurance required?

Answer Although most states require you to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage, other types of coverage are usually optional. In 49 states (Florida excluded), motorcyclists must at least obtain l... Read More »

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What is required for Florida motorcycle insurance?

Liability insurance for a motorcycle driver is a voluntary purchase, unless the lien holder on a motorcycle requires proof of insurance. If involved in an accident, however, not carrying property d... Read More »

What auto insurance is required in the United States of America?

Answer Auto insurance laws in the United States vary by state. The majority of states require that you have a minimum amount of liability insurance. This insurance covers third party injuries an... Read More »

Is motorcycle insurance required in Illinois?

The state of Illinois requires compulsory liability insurance on any motorcycle driven on the roads of the state. The minimum requirements for liability insurance is $20,000 for death or injury for... Read More »

Is it required to keep insurance on a motorcycle?

Not necessarily. Some states (Florida used to be one, no clue if they still are, and Montana are 2 that come to mind) don't require any kind of insurance on motorcycles.Some Financing companies (K... Read More »