In what stage of pregnancy will a brown line appear on your stomach?

Answer I dont know, but I'm freaking out. I'm only in highschool, and I have a brown line down my stomach from my belly button to my pubic hair, and I dont think im pregnant. I'm wondering if that's norma... Read More »

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At what stage in pregnancy does your nipples turn brown and hard?

Answer It can be a sign of pregnancy but EVERY women are different.

You had sex in the pool a day after your period and now you have a brown vaginal discharge and stomach aches is this a sign of pregnancy?

Bacterial InfectionYou are not pregnant . You have a bacterial infrction. And it can only be cured by a Doctor.You should use condoms next time AnswerYou might have got clorine up in your "thang" ... Read More »

Could stomach itches and missed periods with some spotting of red blood and some brown blood be signs of pregnancy?

AnswerStomach itches are usually just that but the bleeding and spotting need to be checked out. Pregnancy, cysts, endometriosis, along with just a fluke could all be possibilities. See a doctor.Al... Read More »

I have been experience pain in stomach but all i can see is a brown mark going across half of my stomach?

I think your stress and anxiety may be turning you into a hypochondriac. Nerves can do strange things to your thoughts and body functions.....why not do a work out? Go for a brisk walk or a jog aro... Read More »