In what stage of pregnancy will a brown line appear on your stomach?

Answer I dont know, but I'm freaking out. I'm only in highschool, and I have a brown line down my stomach from my belly button to my pubic hair, and I dont think im pregnant. I'm wondering if that's norma... Read More »

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At what stage in pregnancy does your nipples turn brown and hard?

Answer It can be a sign of pregnancy but EVERY women are different.

When does the line on your stomach begin to appear?

Answer Different times for different people, I didn't get one at all.

You had sex in the pool a day after your period and now you have a brown vaginal discharge and stomach aches is this a sign of pregnancy?

Bacterial InfectionYou are not pregnant . You have a bacterial infrction. And it can only be cured by a Doctor.You should use condoms next time AnswerYou might have got clorine up in your "thang" ... Read More »

How soon will your stomach get bigger during pregnancy?

Yur "baby belly" will not appear until the first few weeks of pregnancy.(: