In what stage of meiosis does crossing over occur?

Answer Meiosis is the process of cell division that produces sex cells, such as sperm or ova. The "crossing over" of genetic material in a cell occurs during the first stage of meiosis, which is known as ... Read More »

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Where does meiosis occur in living organisms?

Meiosis is a cellular process in which cells divide to form half the number of chromosomes of a regular cell. This process occurs in the sex cells of an organism. In humans and other mammals, this ... Read More »

When does crossing over occur in cell division?

Crossing over---the random exchange of genetic material between the maternal and paternal chromosomes---occurs during prophase I of meiosis, which is the cell division process resulting in egg and ... Read More »

Can a dry socket occur after 7 days or is it in the healing stage and can there still be very little sensitivity and pain in the area?

AnswerUsually a dry socket will occur a little after the procedure is done. You might be in the healing stage and it is just really sore. Remember not to drink out of a straw. That will cause su... Read More »

I have always wondered how far back from a crossing gate the crossing guards have to be on the tracks?

It varies, according to track speed, such that it is triggered to run for 20 seconds before the train gets to the crossing.