In what season do you plant a grape root?

Answer On One Hand: When To Plant Grape RootsGrape root cuttings should be planted in the spring after the soil has thawed and is workable. If you've purchased your grape root cuttings, it's best to plant... Read More »

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What Type of Root System Does a Grape Plant Have?

After deciding on a grape, grapevine growers have to choose the right location for its vine. Grapevines are not too picky about soil type, but they need soil that offers enough drainage and depth f... Read More »

It's late October and my grape tomato plant is still pumping out fruit. Do I have a magical plant?

For some reason that just reminds of of that big room full of eggs in the movie ALIENS. I suspect that plant is just ploppin' them things out all night long. I suggest you get a flame thrower and t... Read More »

How do I get grape cuttings to root?

You can save money and propagate the grapes in your vineyard by cutting and planting from your existing grape vines. You can choose your favorite varieties and also select from plants that are heal... Read More »

What is a grape plant?