In what part of Europe has most of the original vegetation disappeared?

Answer You can't stop tourists from using natural resources. Trying to do that will end your tourist industry on the spot. People are going to use resources no matter where they are. What you want to do i... Read More »

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Which vegetation region of the United states has the most fertile soils?

Which actor/actress who disappeared from the business do you miss the most?

I agree. Thora Birch is amazing. I loved her in Ghost World. Another would be Robert DeNiro. He isn't taking acting seriously anymore, and I hate it.

Is Svalbard part of Europe?

Svalbard is a part of Europe. It is a region of the European country of Norway. Svalbard is an archipelago located between the mainland of Norway and the North Pole.Source:United States Geological ... Read More »

Most of my iTunes songs somehow disappeared from my iPod can I fix this?

it is possible you didnt eject your ipod properly. make sure you dont just unplug it, but eject it first then wait till it says its disconnected. that happened to me when i first got my nano, it lo... Read More »