In what nation could you find people that speak Basque?

Answer The language of the Basque people is euskara. Most of the people who know euskara live in the Autonomous Community of Euskadi, which occupies districts in both Spain and France. A small number of e... Read More »

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What is the percentage of people in guinea that speak French?

French is the only official language in Guinea, but most people speak African languages at home. According to a report put out by the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie in 2007, 6 milli... Read More »

Assuming that Hispanic People Speak Spanish?

I have lost count the number of times someone of Hispanic Origin said they did not speak, write or read Spanish. Spanglish is a mix of both. Moving into a specific hood may not get you what you want.

The Biggest Problems That People Have to Learn & Speak English?

The biggest problems to learn and speak English vary on the student's native language, but can be generalized into four categories: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and differences between spoken... Read More »

How can I impress upon video bloggers that most people can read faster than you can speak?

Video bloggers should be given the death sentence. It's bad enough reading your crap, so watching those goofy looking phucks tell their crap is just torture.