In what month do you need maternity clothes during pregnancy?

Answer A woman who is pregnant for the first time may need to buy maternity clothing during her fourth or fifth month of pregnancy, according to Dr. Marjorie Greenfield of the Dr. Spock Website. A woman w... Read More »

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How soon will i need maternity clothes?

Deciding when to start wearing maternity clothes will depend on your comfort level and size as your baby and body grow. The Expectant Mother’s Guide website notes that you should start wearing ma... Read More »

When do most women need maternity clothes?

Most women begin showing and are able to buy maternity clothes during the second trimester, which is between the third and sixth months of pregnancy. When regular clothes start to feel tight, it is... Read More »

During what month of pregnancy do stretch marks appear?

Stretch marks normally appear during the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy and affect 70 percent or more of pregnant women. Stretch marks are not completely preventable, due to genetics, but you ... Read More »

What month during pregnancy do you start having contractions?

Answer Not actually a month during the term of a pregnancy but more likely the day the baby is going to start to arrive!