In what kingdom is elodea?

Answer Elodea is a type of underwater weed that belongs to the plantae kingdom. Native to North American lakes and ponds, it is commonly used as decorative plant life in home aquariums.Source:USDA PlantsN... Read More »

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What city was the capital of the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom in Egypt?

The capital city of Egypt's Middle Kingdom, ruling from 2040 to 1782 B.C, was Itjawy. The capital city of Egpyt's New Kingdom, ruling from 1570 to 1070, was Memphis.References:Rigsby's World of Eg... Read More »

What city was the capital of the Middle Kingdom& the New Kingdom in Egypt?

The city of Waset, named Thebes by the conquering Greeks, was the capital of the ancient Egyptian empire from around 2040 B.C. until 1750 B.C., the period of time that defined the Middle Kingdom. T... Read More »

How do I buy elodea?

Fish StorePurchase elodea (also called anacharis) for your fish tank from a local fish store. Elodea is a plant found at most fish specialty retailers.Fish ClubAttend meetings at your local aquariu... Read More »

What do elodea eat?

Elodea (Elodea canadensis) is a perennial aquatic plant that produces its own food through photosynthesis. Elodea plants provide habitat for insects and invertebrates. The insects and invertebrates... Read More »