In what kind of soil does a cactus grow best?

Answer Cactus plants tolerate a range of soils. But they have two preferences. They favor free draining soils, since their body parts are adapted to moisture deprived environments. They also favor soils t... Read More »

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What kind of soil does a venus fly trap need to grow?

Venus flytraps grow well in a mixture of equal parts peat moss and sand. That mixture is safe for the roots. Venus flytraps basically need wet roots, high humidity, full sunlight and poor, acidic s... Read More »

What kind of drought tolerant grasses or plants will grow well in a soil that is heavy with clay?

Here you go:…Texas is a drought infested clay having place - so any of these plants/grasses ought to do it.

How to Mix Your Own Cactus and Succulent Soil?

Cacti and succulents thrive better in soil that drains easily and doesn't retain a lot of water. Commercial nurseries often sell pre-mixed bags of special soil, but this is often at a premium. This... Read More »

Can I use cactus potting soil for my orchid?

You cannot use cactus potting soil for orchids. In fact, orchids will not grow in regular potting soil; they require a special blend and most like "media," which keeps the flower upright. Also, dif... Read More »