In what form is tantalum found?

Answer Tantalum is primarily found in the mineral columbite-tantalite, an ore that is found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, Mozambique, Nigeria, Thailand and Zaire. There are several complicated m... Read More »

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Where on earth is tantalum found?

Tantalum, a metal discovered in 1802, can be found in multiple locations around the world. South America contains approximately 40 percent of the world's Tantalum, which is listed on the Periodic T... Read More »

What is the most commonly found form of hydrogen? reports that the most commonly found form of hydrogen (on earth) is in combination with oxygen as water. If processed into a pure state, hydrogen exists as a gas at room ... Read More »

What type of land form is found along the southeast coast of the us country?

What is tantalum used for?

Tantalum's principle use is in the production of metal alloys. The element creates alloys that have desirable properties such as high strength, high melting point and good ductility. This makes it ... Read More »