In what ecosystem do octopi live?

Answer Octupi live in a marine ecosystem. Life forms and the physical environment tend to be self-sustaining in the ecosystem environment. An octopus's special skin cells, chromatophores, allow it to chan... Read More »

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What ecosystem does a hippo live in?

Up to approximately 200 years ago, the hippopotamus populated most of Africa, residing primarily in lakes, rivers and grasslands. As of 2011, its ecosystem is limited primarily to animal reserves b... Read More »

What kind of ecosystem do mustangs live in?

Mustangs are the descendants of the original horses brought America by the Spaniards in the 1500s. There are 36,000 roaming through many different environments in Nevada, California, Utah, Wyoming ... Read More »

What kind of ecosystem do tigers live in?

Tigers live primarily in temperate or tropical areas, including much of Asia. However, the ecosystems in which tigers live have been seriously damaged by hunting and deforestation, and tigers are e... Read More »

In what type of ecosystem do giant pandas live?

The rare giant panda is found in central China's coniferous and broadleaf forests at elevations between 5,000 and 10,000 feet. They live in areas with a large supply of bamboo, which makes up 99 pe... Read More »