In what country was coffee first discovered?

Answer Coffee was first discovered in the area of Eastern Africa that now contains Ethiopia. People there began consuming it predominantly as a food. Once coffee reached Turkey, it was roasted for the fir... Read More »

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What country was duchenne muscular dystrophy discovered in first?

Is sufficient being done medically to diagnose and prevent the number of infants born with birth defects/ diseases in the United States?

When was coffee first discovered?

Coffee was believed to be discovered in the 15th century. According to legends, coffee was discovered by a goat herder in Yemen. After giving the red fruit of the coffee to his goats, the herder no... Read More »

In which country was lung cancer first discovered?

Hanspeter Witschi of University of California, Davis, writes in his paper, "A Short History of Lung Cancer," the first known reports of lung cancer were found around 1500 in underground miners in ... Read More »

What country discovered the element argon?

The element argon was actually discovered by John William Strutt, an English scientist, and William Ramsay, a Scottish scientist, in 1894. This was also the discovery of the first inert gas.Referen... Read More »