In what country was coffee first discovered?

Answer Coffee was first discovered in the area of Eastern Africa that now contains Ethiopia. People there began consuming it predominantly as a food. Once coffee reached Turkey, it was roasted for the fir... Read More »

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When was coffee first discovered?

Coffee was believed to be discovered in the 15th century. According to legends, coffee was discovered by a goat herder in Yemen. After giving the red fruit of the coffee to his goats, the herder no... Read More »

In which country was hydrogen discovered?

Although born in France in 1731, Henry Cavendish moved to England when he was 11 to attend school. He built laboratories for his scientific experiments in London, England, where he is credited with... Read More »

The Hope Diamond was discovered in what country?

The diamond known as the Hope Diamond came from the Kollur mine in Golconda, India. A French traveler and merchant, Jean Baptiste Tavernier, purchased it in India and sold it, in 1668, to King Loui... Read More »

What country discovered the element argon?

The element argon was actually discovered by John William Strutt, an English scientist, and William Ramsay, a Scottish scientist, in 1894. This was also the discovery of the first inert gas.Referen... Read More »