In what country is the Rhine River located?

Answer The Rhine River flows through six European countries. Its source is in the Swiss Alps. From Switzerland, the Rhine forms a portion of the border between Liechtenstein and Austria, and between Franc... Read More »

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On what continent is the Rhine River located?

The Rhine River runs through Europe. The river begins in the Swiss Alps, runs northwest through Germany, passes through cities such as Bonn and Cologne and crosses the Netherlands before emptying i... Read More »

Where is the Rhine river located in the seven states?

The Rhine river has seven sections; Vorderrhein, Hinterrhein, Alpherhein, Hochrhein, Upper Rhine, Middle Rhine and Lower Rhine. The Vorderrhein and Hinterrhein sections begins in Switzerland, with ... Read More »

What is the age of the Rhine River?

The Rhine River, located in parts of Switzerland and Germany, was created after the formation of the Rhine Falls. It is difficult to determine the exact age of the Rhine River; however, scientists... Read More »

What continent is the Rhine River on?

The Rhine River is found in Europe. Its source is located in the Swiss Alps and from there, the Rhine courses north for about 820 miles, mostly through Germany. Ultimately, it flows through the Net... Read More »