In what country did the kilt originate?

Answer The kilt originated in Scotland. The earliest types of the formal kilt known today were developed in the 17th century and were originally a form of dress reserved for men from the Highlands of Scot... Read More »

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Where did the kilt originate?

Kilts are found primarily in Scotland. They were originally invented as noble attire by the Celts. The exact place that the kilt was first made is lost to history, but one can safely assume that it... Read More »

In what country did the windmill originate?

The origin of the windmill is not entirely known, but historians believe that the first windmill originated in Persia. It is unknown if the Europeans brought this technology back to Europe after t... Read More »

What country did gumbo originate in?

Gumbo is a Cajun/Creole dish created in the United States, most likely in Louisiana. One of the earliest references to gumbo pegs it as a Lousiana native dish in about 1830. It traces its origins i... Read More »

In what country did polo originate?

The sport of polo originated in Persia. In ancient times, polo was a favored pastime of kings and emperors. Horse-mounted umpires do the officiating, and a referee is positioned midfield for the fi... Read More »