In what city is the Kremlin located?

Answer The Kremlin is located in Russia, in what is considered the very center of the downtown area of the country's capital, Moscow. The Kremlin is the largest fortress in the world. It has also been the... Read More »

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What state is the city cleveland located in?

Cleveland is in the state of Ohio. With a population of about 500,000 people, Cleveland is Ohio's second-largest city. It's in the northeastern area of the state and it borders Lake Erie.Source:Cle... Read More »

In what city are the Pocono Mountains located?

The Pocono Mountain range is located in northeastern Pennsylvania. The Pocono Mountain region encompass 2,400 square miles and stretches through five Pennsylvania counties. Nearby towns include Str... Read More »

What city is canaan valley located in?

The Canaan Valley is a region located in the city of Blackwater Falls, in the county of Tucker in the state of West Virginia. It is known for its resorts and nature experiences.Source:Canaan Valley

The ESPN headquarters is located in what city?