In tribute to Vegetarians/Vegans How's about a Vegetable survey?

Answer im vegetarian :Dthis quiz is cute, it made me smile :P1 Carrots2 Corn3 Baked Potatoe4 Lettuce5 Potatoe Salad6 Spinach7 Radishes8 Whats Okra? (I don't like squash)9 Green10 Neither

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Whats so great about blu ray hows it different from dvds?

Blu-ray is a storage format that has 50GB of space vs. DVD's 18GB maximum. That means you can use them to store and play high definition video with 5 times the resolution and uncompressed lossless... Read More »

Anyone up for a simple Fruit/Vegetable Survey?

Hi Scooter this time I'm sayin goodnight, smiles. Hope yours will be OK1. Yowee tough choices all, I'll say blueberries first but love Cherries too.2. Corn3. tangerines4. lettuce5. Pomegr... Read More »

My sister is retiring how do i write a tribute about her?

Because of all the people who say "what can I do now I think I am pregnant"? They think sex is great but never think of the consequences of unwanted pregnancy.

I know the amount of omega 3s per ounce of olive oil is about 0.2 grams,but what about vegetable cooking oil?