In this digital age we live in, why are products like Blu-Ray players...?

Answer I think you are confused, and it just confused everyone else. When made the remark about USB for audio, that's where you went off the road. No HDTV or surround sound receiver or all-in-one box surr... Read More »

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Good mp3 or digital media players?

San Disk Sansa e270r or e280r (6 gb and 8 gb respectively). The 'R' in the model refers to the fact that it is optimized to work with the Rhapsody music service. They run roughly 169 for the 270 a... Read More »

Can people run DVD players through digital converter boxes?

Converter boxes allow people with analog TVs and other components, such as VCRs, to view digital channels broadcast over the air. As a standard DVD player is a digital device and does not contain a... Read More »

How to Program a Digital Cable Remote for DVD Players?

Universal remotes make it easier to switch between controlling the television and flipping channels on the cable box. Now, with just a little help and a manual, you can add DVD player support--even... Read More »

How to Defeat Other Players on Xbox Live in Most Shooters?

The key to mastering the battlefield on Xbox live is simple. These easy steps will help you and your friends dominate.