In the tv show Bones what episodes have the most Booth and Brennan relationship parts?

Answer probably ep. 100 in season 5. it is all about their first case together

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Which Bones episode does Booth fly all the way from DC for Brennan?

In the Season 1 episode the Man in the Morgue, he comes from DC to meet her in New Orleans when she is hurt, loses her memory, and is mysteriously involved in a murder. He also flies to the desert... Read More »

Bones why can't booth and brennan work together if they date?

because they realise that there personal relationship may cloud they're judgment on a case and they both think it is unethical

What is the name of Temperance Bones Brennan's first book mentioned on Bones?

the book is called bred in the bone and it first appeared in the pilot episode

Who is Dr Brennan's new intern on BONES?

They do this go-around thing. Which means they switch all their interns for awhile.