In the state of Louisiana can someone get a passport while owing child support?

Answer Yes, if the past-due amount does not exceed $2,500.

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State of Louisiana Child Support Laws?

Louisiana law establishes specific requirements for child support in divorce cases. The law spells out how an initial child support obligation is established in a particular case. Louisiana statute... Read More »

Can my husband adopt my children with owing child support for his biological child?

What state do you live in?If you are you in Texas, try this website:

Can you get a home loan owing back child support?

It's not prohibited; however, the unpaid child support has probably lowered your credit rating. If you already own the property in question, it's possible that the State has placed a lien on that p... Read More »

Can owing child support stop me from buying a gun in florida?

There is no regulation in the Florida list of firearms-related legislation prohibiting any person with child support in arrears from purchasing a firearm. There is no permit required to purchase or... Read More »