In the state of Florida can an insurance company discriminate against drivers of their own vehicles for delivery jobs?

Answer Answer Yes. Insurance companies can refuse to insure someone if they feel the vehicle will be used in an "at risk manner." Someone doing delivery service is more likely to have an accident, because... Read More »

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If your insurance company gives you the option of being paid directly by them or by the other drivers insurance company which is a better choice?

Answer Depends on who's going to give you more money and other factors such as will your rates go up if your company pays you, etc.

Why is liability insurance required on two identical vehicles owned by the same person with no other drivers?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% Answer Your recluse can crash the first pickup into a school bus at a gas station, then walk home and drive the second one into an armored car, forcing it into the pat... Read More »

What is the least expensive way to place a 16 year old female on an insurance policy with 2 drivers and 4 vehicles?

Answer First of all be honest about which vehicle she will be most likely to drive. Usually the lowest rate is going to be on a vehicle that you don't need Comp and Collision coverage for. Hopefu... Read More »

Do yellow line on a two way state highway advises drivers about possible danger when passing slower vehicles;?

The solid yellow line dividing the lanes of travel dictates that no passing is allowed. Whether it be short visibility or whatever. It's all about safety for all. If you do come across a slow movin... Read More »