In the movie Running Scared what is the goblin thing in the pedophiles house?

Answer The goblin thing is Oleg's deception of the pedophiles.

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I am scared - foot thing?

Oh yeah, you're gonna find answers at the Nike website. *eye roll*I had a piece of glass go into my toe and stay there. Yep, I had the debridement, and yeah, it hurt like a sonofa....for a few da... Read More »

Your contractor said he would use Tvek house wrap under the vinyl siding and the house has something called Easy Gard is this the same thing?

Answer easy Gard EasyGard is not a DuPont product, unlike some apparent claims made at Home Improvement Stores. Qingdao G & E Bio-Polytex Company LtdA makes EasyGard (also known as G & E Houseguard... Read More »

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