In the first practical process of reproducing photographs for books on what were photographs printed?

Answer I think it was printed on light paper

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Rosalind Franklin worked on X-ray diffraction photographs of the DNA molecule what did those photographs show?

Diffraction of waves is used in crystallography to examine the arrangement of atoms in crystalline structures. X-rays are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths of a size comparable to the spacing ... Read More »

If I buy a scanner and scan 200 photographs on to my computer - where can I get them professionally printed?

Once you have them scanned onto your computer as jpeg files they will be treated just like any file out of a digital camera. You can get them printed anywhere that accepts digital files to print, w... Read More »

How to Print Photographs in the Sun Using the Classic Cyanotype Process?

An extract from the book Blueprint to cyanotypes describing the classic or traditional cyanotype process.The basic cyanotype recipe has not changed very much since Sir John Herschel introduced it i... Read More »

How to Make Real Wet Process Copies of Old Photographs?

Because of scanners and nice printers, it's easy to make digital reproductions of any photograph. Even old family photos can be copied without altering or destroying the original, when a digital (d... Read More »