In the TV show Lost Girl each week they introduce new entities and powers how many are previously documented in other literature?

Answer Almost all of the fae subspecies - and many of the plot devices, for instance the cursing nail - have some precedent in various mythologies. One of the very few exceptions are Mesmers, such as Vex,... Read More »

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What was the show from years back where this girl washed up on the shore and had like demonic powers and she didn't know what to do about it.?

There have been many occasions when they possible have. The Bermuda Triangle sometimes is thought to be a wormhole that forms on earth every once and a while. That can explaine the radio communicat... Read More »

What episode does dyson get his love back for bo in the tv show Lost Girl?

season 2 episode 21 into the darkhope that helps!! (:]

Many early TV sHow is as well as countless game sHow is and soap operas have been lost because studios used and reused the tapes Which of these is not lost?

Your due date is today you lost your mucus plug this morning and lost some more with blood a little bit ago you were 2 cm 50 last week will you go into labor soon?

AnswerNormally, loosing your m/p does indicate that changes are occurring in your cervix. It can also be due to sex. Some women loose theirs early due to several reason and their bodies "grow" anot... Read More »