In texting or on facebook what does the expression <> mean ?

Answer It's not a set symbol. It has many meanings as the meaning depends on how it was used:HELLO WORLD = Decorations for the words (Diamonds).YOU DID THAT? WOW! ___ = Means it is their response face. c... Read More »

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How do i stop facebook confirmation code from texting me?

How does texting to Japan differ from texting to people in your own country?

The texting address on almost all Japanese mobiles are actually an e-mail address. If you ask your friend for their address, you can text them from a PC e-mail to their phones.

What does the expression 5x5 mean?

The phrase "five-by-five" comes from radio operator slang. The strength and clarity of radio transmissions are rated one to five; a transmission that is "five by five" is the highest strength and c... Read More »

What does the expression man's man mean?

The term "man's man" refers to a male who reflects a particular masculinity associated with ruggedness, braveness, toughness and strength. This type of man typically is very successful with women, ... Read More »