In ten years, how do you think we’ll be using the Internet?

Answer is great because it's better than a swift kick in the junk. Users all over the world submit stories, jokes, photos, and crappy MS Paint drawings for the amusemen... Read More »

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How do you think we will be connecting to the internet and at what speeds in 5-10 years time?

I think desktops will vanish in next 5-10 years. Most of us will be using only laptops.3.5 G mobile connection is already picking up. This can give good speed to access internet and for downloads. ... Read More »

How do I connect two computers using dial-up internet so we both can be on the internet at the same time?

Hi,Since your using Dialup modem, it is technically not recommended to do so...You would need a router that supports Dial Up, most new ones are not feasible to do so.Actually all new routers do not... Read More »

How do I connect to the internet on my playstation 3 using the internet off my nokia E63 Thanks. ?

Does using a router slow down internet connection on each computer I am using it on 2 PC's.?

I know it does, I work for an ISP and it really can anywhere from 20 to 50%