In ten years, how do you think we’ll be using the Internet?

Answer is great because it's better than a swift kick in the junk. Users all over the world submit stories, jokes, photos, and crappy MS Paint drawings for the amusemen... Read More »

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What will the Internet be like in 500 years?

If I knew that, I would implement it now and become an overnight Millionaire.

How much faster will internet be in 10 years?

Well, considering that 10 yrs ago there was only dial-up, look at 5mb broadband, quite revolutionary. Tech has the capabilities to stream 1gb, so it's not impossible. You and I couldnt afford it ... Read More »

Are kids smarter now than they were 30 years ago since we now have computers and internet?

How do you think we will be connecting to the internet and at what speeds in 5-10 years time?

I think desktops will vanish in next 5-10 years. Most of us will be using only laptops.3.5 G mobile connection is already picking up. This can give good speed to access internet and for downloads. ... Read More »