In teenage words and parental explanation what does perv mean?

Answer "perv" is usually short for pervert.Pervert means to turn something from good or usual to bad or wrong.When the term "perv" is used, it usually references a person who is a pervert meaning that the... Read More »

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What does it mean to retain parental rights but lose custody?

It means you have lost your right to physical and legal custody but you are still eligible to request visitation rights. Without parental rights you have no rights whatsoever in regards to your child.

What does the words biggest loser mean?

It means like who lost the most weight like when they say "loser", they don't mean like "your a loser", they mean they have lost the most weight. Hope that helped.

What does it mean on wikipedia when they put words in red?

When it's blue, it means it's a link and there's an article on it.However when it's red, it's still a link but there's no article on that topic yet.

What does the french words chaise and lounge mean?

"une chaise longue" is a deckchair in French. The writing 'chaise lounge', although derived from French, is American ('lounge' isn't a French word)