In satellite terms what is `C` and `Ku` ?

Answer C-band= 4–8 GHz and Ku-band 12–18 GHz and it depends on what satellite you want to get pictures from. Astra is Ku,so is Hotbird, this being allotted to European devices, C is more normally used... Read More »

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What satellite was used in the first telephone call made by satellite?

The first satellite to transmit a telephone call was the Telstar 1, launched on July 10, 1962. It was the first active communications satellite capable of two-way communication. The phone call was ... Read More »

What direction d dish network satellite I heard they have a new satellite towards the south east?

We have 7 satellites that we use to provide programming to our customers. The last satellite that was launched was in 2008. Depending on the line of sight, East coast locations normally are pointed... Read More »

In 2000 NASA placed a satellite in orbit around an asteroid Consider a spherical asteroid with a mass of 8.001015 and a radius of 9.50 What is the speed of a satellite orbiting 4.90 above the surface?

Do you need a new satellite receiver and a new service to watch 1080p satellite programming?

Yes, you will need both new equipment (MPEG-4 equipment) and a different, probably more expensive service from your satellite company.