In pakistan, its possible to change subject in 9, 10.?

Answer U should ask your teacher or local examination board they will give u right guideline.Hopes its help u

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How to Change the Subject in a Conversation?

If you constantly get caught dragging on one subject for far too long, read on. This will help to give you ideas and tips on how to avoid that.

How do I change the subject of a chat room on Jabber?

ProcessSet up a Jabber-based chat room to allow users to change the subject by clicking on the appropriate box. This can only be done by the chat room's owner or administrator. The owner or adminis... Read More »

How do I change the font of a subject line in Outlook Express?

Click on the "Start" button at the lower left corner of your main screen, go to "Programs" and double-click Outlook Express to open it. Go to the "Menu" tab, select the "Tools" option and click on ... Read More »

How to Say Hello in Pakistan?

Assalamu Alaykum: WrittenThe greeting is intentional communication to acknowledge someone's presence, or to make someone feel welcomed. Greetings are often used prior to a conversation. In most cul... Read More »