In order to keep your house plants healthy why should you periodically remove dust from their leaves?

Answer because it lowers there ability to breath and absorb sun. normally in nature the wind would dust them

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Why should you periodically remove dust from leaves of your house plants to keep them healthy?

One reason is that the buildup of dust will block some of the light that plants need to photosynthesize. Removing it will allow more light to reach their chloroplasts allowing them to synthesize su... Read More »

Can Sevin dust cause leaves on pepper plants to wrinkle?

Sevin dust does not cause wrinkled leaves on pepper plants. Peppers are prone to pepper mottle virus, a disease that causes pepper leaves to become dark and wrinkled. Sevin dust applied early in th... Read More »

Can Sevin Dust on green pepper plants cause wrinkled leaves?

Insecticide injury in pepper plants is caused when the plant is over-exposed to products such as Sevin Dust. The insecticide can cause wilting leaves, color distortion and even lesions. To avoid th... Read More »

House Plants That Grow Baby Plants on Their Leaves?

Vegetative apomixis is a form of asexual reproduction that enables certain plant species to reproduce without fertilization. Several varieties of the Bryophyllum genus reproduce in this manner; the... Read More »